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The Science of Microfabrication


I've been teaching a graduate-level course called Semiconductor Lithography at the University of Texas at Austin for the last 16 years. This textbook grew out of my lecture notes for that class. The material below may be helpful to others who might wish to teach a similar course.

Advertising the Course:

Here is the syllabus that I use when I teach: Syllabus.pdf

Here is an example course flyer: Litho_course_flyer.pdf

Course Powerpoints:

All of the figures from the book have been put into Powerpoint presentations, organized by chapter. They are available for download or viewing here.


Here are some additional "bonus" homework problems: Bonus_Homework.pdf (last updated 11-28-2007)

In addition, a complete solutions manual for all homework problems is available from the publisher (for instructors only). For more information, click here.
Or send an email to to request the solutions manual.

If you have trouble getting the solutions manual, contact me.

Laboratory Manual:

Kevin Berwick has written a lab manual to accompany the textbook:
Optical Lithography Modelling with MATLAB®


Feel free to contact me with any questions about teaching out of this book:

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